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    Our product range

    The wide and extensive assortment meets all legal requirements and is provided with the required certifications/certificates. Our products are packed in a wide variety of materials and filled at customers specified amounts (ranging from 5ml up to 1000 liters). The product range entails the following (main) categories:

    • Fluids for cleaning & disinfection
      •  Products for cleaning and disinfection of instruments, skin, devices and surfaces.
    • Cosmetic fluids
      • Products for several nail art techniques
    • Chemical fluids for industrial purposes
      •  Solvents, acids, alkalis and degreasers for industrial applications
    • Chemicals for laundries and swimming pools
      • Delivery of chemicals in small packages
      • Pumping of chemicals on site
    • Several commercial products to make our offer perfect
      • Paper ware / disposables
      • Salt/Starch
      • Various maintenance products for swimming pools

    Should you need a product that is not listed, please ask us, we probably still can help you.